Friday, October 26, 2007

Me and Multi-tasking ...

I don't think I can multi-task anymore ...

Maybe it's only that I have too many diverse tasks and so rather than smoothly doing everything, this 'tasking' quickly descends into a seat-of-the-pants ride and that makes me giggle on occasion.

So today I'm trying to process the images I've taken for the cultural guidebook but I had this marvellous idea that today was also the day that I caught up on two of my favourite people.

So I talked to Dave and Jude for more than an hour.
It was superb.
They are.

But that idea had come as I was searching through my Istanbul photographs for my niece's project back in New Zealand. Georgie and I had talked for a while as she's putting together a project on Turkey for school.

However Dave had a lot of really useful information about photography and while taking notes, I stopped looking through my Istanbul photographs for Georgie.

Then Mark caught me on skype and we ended up having some 'interesting' discussions on immigration and freedom of speech. He's one of my favourite people to have 'interesting' discussions with because most of my close men friends get grouchy with me while having said 'interesting' discussions.

I think it's because I'm usually right but they're too angry with me to ask at that point so this is unconfirmed.

So after all the conversations with New Zealand I was back to working on the photographs I've taken this week and Georgie's request slipped from my mind.
I worked on.

An sms question came in.
I tried to reply.
I failed and phoned, being incredibly honest about my inability to function today, not mentioning the disconcerting post I had just read over at v-grrrl's blog where I was implicated in starting a conversation about things sexual.

Sigh ... as if I would.
I'm a New Zealander, which is my excuse for everything now I'm out in the world.
I believe it to be a statement of some value.
I am teased for this ;)

Then Jessie put on some music that demanded listening to, as opposed to providing soothing background happy noise.

I have a million things to do in the next 24 hours ...
- Clean the apartment to 'guests arriving' standard
- Shop for said guests.
- Go to the market for fruit and vegetables.
- Photograph a Russian course.
- Post a pile of cds and dvds containing photographs

And then there's the stuff on the list that I've misplaced here on my desk ...


V-Grrrl said...

Seeing as you are from New Zealand, you definitely should not visit Peter's blog where our conversation on the Big O took a most unexpected and personal direction.

(Don't everyone rush over there at once. And don't tell E about that post, as he is already concerned about the conversations his wife initiates...let alone the blog posts she inspires.)

Di Mackey said...

Well you know ... I went over there to link to him and ended up wandering away, distracted I forgot to take the link.

I'm glad you're taking the blame for initiating that one, I really was just sending a wee hug and a kiss ;)

Peter said...

I know Di, you just were ever so kind to sign your mail with an XO.

But V-grrrl can be very inspiring, and myself, well, just call me a fast linker: (o-Big O-send-lost) - and there it was: the day I lost my O ;-)

When I visit you all tomorrow I promise I will look, sound and even feel like an accountant, for whom an '0' just represent a figure on his numeric keypad.

Fundamentally, I'm very reserved and shy.
But not always ;-)

Di Mackey said...

You two make quite the tag team Peter, and without fail, you both leave me smiling.

An accountant, okay but I will probably look kind of casual,as is my way.

Shy and reserved ... okay :)