Tuesday, October 30, 2007

La Gatita Gringa, Blogger

Señor Gato Gringo and I went to the bullring yesterday. I pray that you paid careful attention to my very deliberate use of vocabulary because it - and/or my inability to speak clearly - sent my (advanced level) students into a tizzy this morning. You went bowling? No, we went to the BULL-ring. I'm going bowling this weekend. BULL-RING. You went to the bullfights? Wishing to release them from their my misery, I offered further clarification: we went to the bullring not a bullfight. Ohhhhh ... Lights flicked on.
An extract from La Gatita Gringa's site.

La Gatita used to be Cat in Rabat till she moved countries ... and now she's a Spanish cat and perhaps, although it's difficult to imagine, even more amusing than before.

That would be amusing in an intelligent and informed kind of way, with the added 'oh my god, did she really write that' thing going on in her posts.

I can go visiting on a darkest Di day and come away smiling because maybe she's just confessed to breaking the oldest tree in Madrid or perhaps she's explaining the phrase sol y sombra and the fact that it can have two distinct meanings.

It could be said she's a bit of a word goddess and surely a superb teller of tales, but then there's her photography over at the Urban Caravan website.

The site where Señor Gato Gringo, La Gatita herself, and Brother Knarf post their images from all over the world.

They are stunningly entertaining people, superb photographers with an interesting view on the world ...

Hmmmm, I think that's all I had to say on this particular subject.


La Gatita Gringa said...

Was having a "Dark Gatita" Day myself and have you to thank for bringing me out of it. Your timing was exquisite. And, she writes while blushing a crimson red, many many thanks for the kind words.

V-Grrrl said...

Now she'd be a good woman to go wandering with, no?

Imagine her in the sculpture garden...oh my!

Di Mackey said...

I'm happy to return the favour. You've made me smile so many times with your posts.

Lol just imagine, v-grrrl. You were naughty enough in the sculpture park really ... groping helpless statues and all that stuff.

Clare flies in from London next week - my favourite Australian friend from my days in Istanbul. When I took her to the park it was closed and she was all for leaping the fence.

I had to explain that I wasn't tagging along, as my experiences with Belgian officialdom hadn't gone down the 'amusing road' I had tried driving them down ...