Monday, October 22, 2007

Birthday today ...

And Jessie's making me pavlova!

I'm meeting Gert in the city and he wants to gift me a big bag to carry my mobile office. Laptop and camera gear, you know ... the important stuff.

Dad phoned me this morning and my wee sister wrote a comment here on the blog.
Her first ever ... a gift in itself.

Jessie and I hopped on our matching old-fashioned black bicycles and had lunch at Rivierenhof Park.

My Facebook account, courtesy of the Shannon creature, has been jumping of late and both Shannon and one of my lovely ex-pupils from Turkey sent me little Facebook gifts there. Thanks guys.

I signed up with Facebook unwillingly but now I'm kind of glad, as I'm back in contact with some of the loveliest students a teacher could wish for, and old colleagues too.

New friends were already there and thanks for your birthday wishes Sandy.

It's been a slightly extraordinary day actually.
Paula from Paulo Coelho's blog wrote asking if she might link to a post I wrote about the muse for Paulo's 'The Zahir' book. But of course, I'm delighted ... as happy as I was to stumble upon news of who his muse was, as I was curious but never imagined I would find out.

Okay, off to the city.

Tot straks from the flat land.


Mlle said...

Hooray for birthdays, good friends, and days with people you love :)

I'm happy to read that your day has been a special one!

Missing you tons xoxoxo

Manictastic said...

Now cover your eyes, or wait, don't do that, um yea, um like


So there ya go :D Have fun you nitty New Nealander (it had to rhyme, sorry).

traveller one said...

Happy Birthday Di! Hope the next year is as exciting as the last! I'm off to Istanbul on Thursday and will be thinking of you! Cheers, Kim

Di Mackey said...

I'm beginning to think you should come back Shannon. Reading you here, it's easy to imagine you're still in Brussels ... sigh, wibble.

Lol, bedankt Manic. And of course, it had to rhyme.

Istanbul!! Oh I'm so envious, in a nice way Kim. Enjoy the beautiful city for me. xo

christina said...

Happy Birthday! Sounds like you had a wonderful day.

Peter said...

Happy birthday Di!! (Well, V gave me a hint a couple of weeks ago)

As we are both 'forever 30', being treasured by the ones we love is the greatest gift of all.

My man (slightly broken, but with all major systems online) actually cooked diner on my birthday, without turning the kitchen into a disaster zone that needed CDC decontamination ;-)

See you soon


Jason W said...


I wanted to call on your bd but was in court all day and I would've been calling at around midnight.

...but I think you were getting another bday present then so I didn't want you to be grumpy when I wished you happy times!


Di Mackey said...

Thanks Christina, it was nice, and then today was better!! :)

Bedankt Peter :)
That V. I wasn't going to say anything but it was a nice day and the pavlova had to be mentioned.

Forever 30 - indeed. And treasured, well sometimes I'm treasured.

Congratulations on having dinner cooked without mess. Impressed I am.

Ahhhhhhhhhhhh Jason!
What would a birthday be without birthday wishes from you :)

I didn't understand what you'd written when publishing this.
Then I did.

So ... you haven't changed then, she writes, one eyebrow raised and looking at you seriously ;)

V-Grrrl said...

I thought the birthday was Wednesday and so didn't send my greetings on time. However, on Saturday, be prepared to PARTY. Woo hoo!

Happy Birthday dear wonderful exotic kiwi friend deluxe!

Di Mackey said...

I was laughing as I pressed 'publish' on your comment v-grrrl. I'm not exotic, people from Mosgiel are rarely if ever exotic although, Sam Neil's dad did live there.

Your greetings were simply delicious. Thank you.

Party ... oh yessss!
Time to celebrate the big job being wrapped up.

Jon said...

well, damn, happy belated birthday, now I really do owe you a present in the next care package. reply to my email let me know what you're after :P

Di Mackey said...

Arrgh, I'll get to your email Jon - I've been running.

Care packages to Europe :) Thank you.