Friday, October 26, 2007

Multi-tasking, Part II

There are emails from the web designer, who might just be working on the very final versions of the new website ...

My partner in this website is off wandering and it's been a tweaking and testing, 'what about this colour or font' kind of afternoon.

The apartment looks respectable and is warm on this cold autumn evening.
Dinner is pizza and it seems like I'm wandering towards a red wine kind of evening.


Anonymous said...

Enjoy your red wine, I'll be thinking of you having my raki tomorrow ... and please drive the right side! Send courage to Gertje and don't forget the knee-massage!
See you!

Di Mackey said...

Travel safe Lut, and please, have a raki for me too. Lol, and no driving, I promise, not until I've had a few refamiliarisation lessons.

Gertje smiled from his place on the couch where he's applying ice to his knee.

See you :)