Friday, October 05, 2007

the Prime Minister of New Zealand

the Prime Minister of New Zealand, originally uploaded by - di.


Mark J said...

You need a fast shutter speed to catch her smiling Di.

Can't help but think that ANYONE who desires to lead ANY country should automatically be excluded from doing so.

Di Mackey said...

Well sweetie pet, I have a photograph of her laughing with Hayley Westenra, I just need to find out if I can publish it.

Mark J said...

That would be nice, please publish.

Jason W said...

She looks like she just heard the result of the All-Blacks. What happened to them Diane? Is the foundation of New Zealand society shaken to its core?

I hope you will live through this dark time in your country's history.

But cheer up, at least you're not torturing people and training a new generation of just got your ass kicked in rugby.