Friday, October 19, 2007

The New Glasses

They are stunning!

I was glad to meet no one on the way home from picking them up today because I was looking around me in wonder.
Truly ... I didn't know how much I couldn't see.

I had glasses, little wire-frame ones that popped out a lens as often as they were tangled in my long hair. Mostly I chose not to wear them, often explaining 'Well I usually wear glasses' when I couldn't see what people were showing me.

Truth be told, my eyesight isn't so bad but clearly it's worse than I had imagined.

Stunning, stunning, stunning ... I love my new glasses!


Pam said...

What,no picture?

Di Mackey said...

There you go Pam. I hope you look soon as I'm not sure how long this will last on my blog.

ML said...

I like them!! They look good and it is so nice that you will be able to see me next time we get together.. at my house, of course!!

Di Mackey said...

Your house!
And hopefully, by then I'll be used to this whole 'seeing' thing.

It's remarkable ML, truly remarkable. The world is full of things I haven't been able to see lately.

Who knew ...