Sunday, October 28, 2007

One of my favourite things about living in Belgium

I love the parties we have here ...

It was sad without Shannon but we talked of her. Michelle misses her in this way, I miss her in that way, v-grrrl knew who we were talking of and others heard about her.

Nous t'aimons, Shannon.

It was a different mix of people but still conversations raged and made me think 'should we have invited the neighbours?'

Dank u wel to all who came calling.
We truly enjoyed catching up.


Peter said...

I was great being invited Di: we both enjoyed meeting both you, Gert, V-grrl and all the visitors who turned this into a memorable party.

I hope you liked the wine: the label read "Ch√Ęteau xo", which in general means it induces pleasant feelings ;-)

H enjoyed the entire evening, in spite of only speaking Dutch - sometimes feelings cross language barriers.

Thanks again for the enjoyable evening,
Peter and Hans

Di Mackey said...

Dank u wel for coming. Without Shannon there to organise me at the final moment, some people and things were left undone. I didn't realise it but Shannon was actually my 'events manager' however it was a fun party.

I'm glad H enjoyed himself and that you did too.

And the wine, well xo to you - much appreciated and I'm sure pleasant feelings will be induced by it. Lol, nice find and very kind, thank you.