Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Rugby and things ...

A frosty morning here in the flatlands ... the sound of car windscreens having ice scraped away accompanied little Ms Three and I as we biked to the kindergarten.

Next there was a quick trip into the city. The tram driver had the cooler blasting cold air into the tram ... I didn't mention it to him because, probably like everyone else, I thought the heat would get through eventually.

By the time we reached the city, I was starting to numb some.

Delightful days here, as emails about my photography continue to come. They're being published in 5 magazines, on websites and 1 newspaper that I know of. A lot went out round New Zealand as press release images - so who knows where they ended up.

It's been an interesting learning curve.
A little stressful, a lot of fun and then there were the really good people met along the way.


Manictastic said...

Congrats Di, you're accomplishing your dream and yes it was freaking cold today :( and in New Nealand it just turned spring :( lucky bastards :(

Di Mackey said...

Spring sounds interesting back home at the moment ... Otago and Southland both lost electricity supplies to homes after some big winds the other days.

My home town is round about 45 degrees south in latitude and it's not always fun but okay, daffodils and lambs, sigh.

Alexpr said...

It's getting cooler here in Milan! Just the time for a few sausages!

Sorry, I've got bangers on the brain at the moment...

Great to hear that your photographic business is starting to take off. Your work has been published in 5 magazines too! That's wonderful news.

The learning curve may well be a bit tough (so is my sausage learning curve...), but if it's fun you'll get into it.

Hang on in there - Getty Images here you come!

All the best,


Di Mackey said...

Bangers eh, well you really need to come to Belgium and then on into Germany :)

Good luck with the sausages.