Tuesday, May 02, 2006

International Media

I thought this was an interesting article over in Der Spiegel ... inside of an arms race, the world is now looking at a long overdue media race.


Mark J said...

I find this sort of thing really interesting.

The alignment of media to political parties are a concern indeed. It's a runninig joke on US Television that FOX News is very closely aligned to the US Republican Party - it's even been highlighted on "The Simpsons" (itself a FOX program) on numerous occassions.
Gone are that days where the media read the news to their audience - they now seem to tell us what to think. But perhaps it's always been that way and ive been more than a little naive.

Harish N Jeyavel said...

I think the world is changing, it always has been. For Eg, in India, CNN and BBC were the only source of International news, but things changed when Indian News channels came in, with a billion plus population, they seem to be content focusing here and not expanding, though their channels are available in other countries. In a few years, when they have enough resources, wonder what their plans could be.

Also Reuters and CNN have entered Indian market by Co-branding with TIMES NOW and CNN-IBN respectively. NDTV is an indigenous Channel.

Lets just hope that these media moguls don't plan anything like in the movie, Tomorrow Never Dies
to establish their superiority.

This Media race reminds me of Jeffrey Archer's book, The Proprietors.

woman wandering said...

I'm glad its a mass competition ... until now the big players appeared to be able to bully and negate the smaller and newer voices. I'll be intrigued to see the outcome and as C.S. Lewis said, 'what you see depends on where you're standing'.

You made me curious about the Archer book jeyavel :) thanks. I think one of the more frustrating things I have witnessed ... while living in Turkey, an American colleague and I were frustrated by the way Turkey was portrayed by CNN and to a lesser extent BBC.