Monday, May 08, 2006

I believe the power of film, image and sound, lies in its ability to evoke empathy. If war negates humanity, then film – maybe especially film that shows war from the inside – can ensure that even when we fight, we hold on to and bear witness to our humanity. We found a way in this film to smash through that wall. We found the possibility of empathy in the middle of war.

Deborah Scranton
director of The War Tapes


traveller one said...

I think that's a powerful statement. Have you read "The Place At The End of The World" by Janine Di Giovanni yet? I think you'd like it. She was a reporter who went to many of the recent war zones and she writes with an insight straight from her heart.

woman wandering said...

Ahhh it sounds like one I would love. Thank you for writing of it. :)

I was going to add the statement to the piece I wrote on the movie but decided it had to stand alone.