Sunday, May 28, 2006

What Clare and Di Did Today ...

Clare and I wandered over to Brugge today ... all of my guests are taken to Brugge.

Clare was toting her Canon EOS 350D. She shared it with me ... I took some photos and have added Canon EOS 350D to the 'things I must have when I am working list.

It's a stunning piece of machinery. I had hoped it would be too complicated but no, it was lovely.

I used to adore my Canon EOS 300 but my ongoing incoming immigrant status has caused me re-evaluate film processing costs and unsurprisingly, I want to go digital.

Anyway, we put my 75-300mm Canon lens, with image stabiliser, onto Clare's digital camera and had fun finding out what was possible.

Above are just a small sampling of photographs Clare took today ...

Postscript: the woman was making lace dressed in authentic costume seated in the doorway of her home.

The musicians were part of some kind of Morris dancing display that we came upon as we wandered the squares and streets of Brugges.

One never quite knows what they will discover while out walking in Belgium ...


Lever said...

Oh, oh, oh... I am trying SO hard not to give in to the temptation of the EOS350D and as soon as I've let it slip my mind, somebody reminds me again LOL :p I even went do far as to look for adapters for my old Canon FD lenses. And a 75-300, nice! Must... not... give... in... to... temptation!

Now, if only Farnborough had such cultural delights to see in the (ghost) town centre... *sigh*


woman wandering said...

Oh ... I know your pain lever, I feel devastated by the pleasure I experienced using that EOS 350D, so easy, so convenient ... so satisfying!

Ahh cultural delights are ten a penny here in Belgium ;)

lettuce said...

I'll go and look up the EOS35OD, just out of interest - but recently got a new Canon IXUS65, which is great and unbelievably compact!

I only really started using a digital camera regularly in the last year or so - you'll never regret it!

woman wandering said...

Ohhhhh lettuce ... when I'm allowed to work here in Belgium, I will pick up my old lifestyle and live freely again ... that Canon digital body is first on my list, along with all luxuries I took forgranted before running into Belgian immigration policies. ;)

I almost died of pleasure when I added my zoom lens to its camera body ... sigh. I feel like Juliet pining for her Romeo now.