Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Cindy and Immigration

Cindy, the American lawyer who was recently deported from Belgium, has continued to update her blog back home in San Diego ... she had me laughing over her most recent post this morning.

Here's a link to it and a small sampling of what she wrote.

She explains Like the good global citizen that I aspire to be, I tore myself away from the disaster I know as my own immigration crisis to check out the differences between the US visa application and the Belgian one. (You just might be surprised by the answer to that question - I was.)

She goes on with the piece that had me laughing: Still unsure as to which US visa application should be completed for comparison purposes, I pulled up Form DS-156. It is 41 questions long, not including, of course, the subparts.

Following are REAL (i.e., I swear I did not make these up!) questions copied from US Visa Application Form DS-156, to which the applicant is to check either Y or N:

Do you seek to enter the United States to engage in export control violations, subversive or terrorist activities, or any other unlawful purpose?

Are you a member or representative of a terrorist organization as currently designated by the U.S. Secretary of State?

Have you ever participated in persecutions directed by the Nazi government of Germany; or have you ever participated in genocide? (If you are smart enough to know the definition of "genocide", it pretty much stands to reason that you are smart enough to answer "no" to the question. Hell, even if you can't tell the difference between genocide and pesticide, you'd think context clues would kick in. Nazi = no! We call this question a "give-me" or a "freebie.")

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