Sunday, May 21, 2006

A Slice of My Day

Gert's still not moving far from the couch, as he's suffering from Meuniere Syndrome, an inner ear problem that leaves him with almost constant motion-sickness.

I've told him he's very lucky to have his own cheap immigrant labour in-house and meeting most of his needs with minimal (or inaudible) complaint. I have to be careful, too much laughter isn't nice for him, fortunately outrunning him is incredibly simple should I be overcome by the uncharitable demon who makes me mock on occasion.

I woke in tatters, on my feet and running for the phone before my eyes were open. I knew New Zealand was calling ... somehow. It was Jessie, pretending she hadn't realised it was Sunday morning in my world. She runs 10 hours ahead back home in these days.

Although I couldn't see the little 'lie-dimple' that appears on her chin when she's going for an outrageous untruth with an innocent face, there are things that a mother just knows about any child of hers.

Being woken didn't matter, I loved talking with her and the run took me back to the days of her babyhood, when I leapt out of bed and ran when she cried, and leapt out of bed and ran if she slept late.

Me ... neurotic back then?


Mark J said...

What a lovely photo of you Di. It's not often we see you on that side of the Camera :)

Alison said...

You mean you aren't a natural blond? ;)

woman wandering said...

Thank you Mark ... 'pot calling kettle, come in kettle', not that I'm laying down the gaunlet, merely agreeing the some of us prefer one side of the camera as opposed to the other.

Aye, the truth is out there Alison, although I couldn't be called blonde in these days.

'One day, when I'm working again' ... hmmm, it sounds like a fairy story, doesn't it :)

Mark J said...

Some of us record history - some of us make it :) Looks like you've jumped ship now - say cheese :)