Saturday, May 20, 2006

"The need for change
bulldozed a road down
the center of my mind."

Maya Angelou

I loved this ... sometimes the only way for us to step out and make changes is for our known world to collapse and fall in on itself.

Finding quotes about change, about growth, about movement have always crashed their way into my mind ... I ignored them for a long time ... small pieces like: 'The shell must break before the bird can fly'.

'We take these risk not to escape life but to prevent life escaping us.'

And 'No se puede nadar y guardar la ropa' is a favourite of mine, useful when I get sad for the books and small things I left back home in New Zealand ... translation: 'You can't go swimming and look after your clothes'.

I'd rather swim ...


Shashikiran Mullur said...

The last one, from New Zealand, is a great line!

woman wandering said...

Thanks Shashikiran, it was true ... sometimes I have these small written conversations with self and in this instance, I realised I'd much rather swim :)