Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Marla Ruzicka, the movie

I've mentioned Marla Ruzicka more than once on this site and linked to an interesting 'Marla' article over in Rolling Stone magazine.

The Washington Post recently wrote : "A year ago tomorrow, in Baghdad, a young woman from California was killed by a suicide bomb. Marla Ruzicka was working to get aid to Iraqi civilians harmed by U.S. military operations when her car and that of her colleague Faiz Ali Salim was destroyed on the now-infamous airport road.

Marla's legacy lives on in the countless people continuing her work and in the families she tried so hard to assist. Her help to victims of war should also be enshrined in our policies if we as a country are to be, as Marla put it, "just a little bit better."

The Telegraph is now reporting that the movie rights to her story have been bought by Paramount, who beat off bids from rival studios after the producer Marc Platt, whose previous credits include Philadelphia and Legally Blonde, impressed the Ruzicka family with his enthusiasm for the project.

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