Thursday, May 18, 2006

New Zealand and Immigration

Hmmm do unto others as you would have done unto yourself...

I don't imagine politicians and lawmakers are the type to immigrate to other countries, I guess this is fortunate because they surely wouldn't enjoy the experience.

In the interests of being balanced in the presentation of immigration woes, I should offer up any other piece of foolishness that catches my eye ...

Australia welcomes Danish musician snubbed by NZ migrant rules
By Angela Gregory

Two of his biggest fans are Denmark's Prime Minister and the Crown Prince but Danish musician Michael Hardinger will be making a new life in Australia because he cannot get a work permit to come to New Zealand.

About five years ago Hardinger had wanted to emigrate to New Zealand from his base in Los Angeles where he writes film scores.

He loves New Zealand, which he has visited many times, and had hoped to build a recording studio and later retire with a bed and breakfast business in the Bay of Islands.

But Hardinger quickly learned he was not eligible for entry under the New Zealand talents policy and could not meet the steep financial requirements of the investor category.

"I gave up on New Zealand because there was no category there that would accept me."

Those with exceptional talent in a declared field of arts, culture or sport can get a work visa or permit but they have to be sponsored by a nationally reputed New Zealand organisation and be 55 or under.

Hardinger was 53 at the time he considered moving to New Zealand but did not have a sponsor. He is now moving with his wife and child to Australia in July under a similar talent visa scheme.

In his application to Australian immigration Hardinger supplied personal recommendations from Denmark's Prime Minister and Crown Prince, who were fans of the commercially successful Danish rock band Shu-bi-dua in which he played guitar and keyboards.

He has solo recordings with sales of more than six million and has written five film scores.

A bow to those who make rules in New Zealand ...


Mark J said...

And yet they have to let some absolute drop-kicks, who just happen to be born here, stay here. Perhaps we should offer an exchange - for every Michael Hardinger coming in we could export someone who doesnt appreciate his birth country. What the hell - lets export two.

By the way Di, dont let my post on Pizza Hutt stop you from returning to NZ - too many people miss you :)

wandering-woman said...

LOL. OK but now a flip view: At least they make it hard for everybody, even rich people with royal friends.

woman wandering said...

Thank Mark ... just a bit homesick and grouchy knowing I can't get home this time. Hopefully I'll be working and earning one day soon and I'll be home after Christmas.

I do think Belgians should have to carry something like a blood donor card, warning would-be love interests of the difficulty of getting tied up with one them though.

Okay w-w, you made us both roar with laughter here. Good point, riches and royalty don't make things guaranteed ... hadn't quite seen it from that angle.

wandering-woman said...

HA! And I'm roaring at the Belgian would-be love interests warning card. I had a friend who literally used to give her would-be's a disclaimer -- all the disclaimers - before passing a certain would-be point. Perhaps it would only be fair for Belgians to do the same?

Ay, lol. Thanks for that.