Thursday, May 04, 2006

Stephen Colbert

I just viewed the most amusing piece of 'media' seen in a long time.

Wanderingwoman, over in Spain said it best when she wrote: I have to link to this video from the White House Correspondents' Dinner.

Isn't there some story about the Jester being the only fool with the courage to speak?

Here's another source, as the sites screening it keep having to take it off for copyrite infringement ... And do have a copy that you can watch for free after watching two of their advertisements.


Sal DeTraglia said...

I watched this last night (it's also available on and nearly died. Despite what the media says, it WAS friggin' funny. A scathing master class in barbed-wire wit.

And no...I didn't feel the least bit bad for Bush. When bad things happen to bad people...


woman wandering said...

I can't believe the media said it wasn't funny ... I guess they had to, no one risked breaking ranks huh? Seems all very 'the emperor's new clothes' to me ... it was very funny although I did peer through gaps in my fingers at times near the start ... laughing.

Ms.Baker said...

Di -

Oh, it was hilarious and both Misguided and I love Stephen Colbert. His wittiness leaves us in tears. Honestly, some of his shenanigans are SPOT ON!


woman wandering said...

Ms Baker, you know I had never heard of Stephen Colbert until wandering woman in Spain introduced me to the clip.

He made me remember what is good about a country like America ... I have friends there but we had all been losing hope.

I had never really felt like a helpless victim until I heard rumours that the Bush camp were banging the drums of war over Iran ... Stephen Colbert's speech was a breath of fresh air in this crazy old world :)

Alison said...

Someone's not gettin invited back next year... That was great :)

ML said...

From the US.. I certainly never heard this and I hope it was my fault that I did not. Cannot believe it was just hidden away, esp. since another less funny little tidbit was played on tv. Hmm.. Loved it,, and thank you soo much for it~ It was hilarious! ML