Wednesday, May 31, 2006

A Short Post

A word of warning ... if a friend offers to let you use their Canon EOS 350D, just say no if you're not in a financial position to immediately go out and purchase one.

Save yourself the heartbreak of having known something sublime ... and if you're dithering about purchasing one and you do have the cash, just go and get it.

Okay, so you'll never be home due to an overwhelming need to always be out and using your EOS but it doesn't matter ... you'll be really happy. I'm almost sure of it.


Mark J said...

I brought a Nikon D2H last year, and my damn work keeps getting in the way - wish you were here to motivate me with a quick kick :) I need to get out shooting more....

woman wandering said...

Better plan that avoids the kicking ... send me your camera and I'll care for it while you work for ... hmmm, what was the reason you allowed work to get in the way of using your camera again...???

Ummm to have more money and less free tim, to give up your free time so that you can serve the masses, to restrict your lifestyle to serving the great god of work ... tell me again why you might let WORK GET IN THE WAY OF PHOTOGRAPHY WHEN YOU HAVE A CAMERA LIKE THAT????

Mark J said...

Without my work I wouldnt have said camera - catch 22 methinks.

If you're planning on buying a Cannon - you do realise we'll be at war? Nikon's rock girlfriend.

BTW Posted my "souped up" profile on xtra as requested. Currently NOT beating off potential suitors with any object - let alone said "stick". Thought you were good a writening n'stuf? :)

Silk purse's and such other comments aside obviously!

lost in london said...

Sorry...Didn't mean to corrupt you and drag you away from film. But you must admit it was fun wandering around Antwerp with no restrictions on pushing that little black button!

woman wandering said...

Lol, corrupt me ...?

You just woke me up to the possibilities of digital and it was time to wake up.

I did adore your camera and thanks for sharing :)

So ... starting a blog soon??

lost in london said...

never know...might do, you'll have to wait and see :)

woman wandering said...

I remembered my Turkish scarves ... I think I can do it ... !!!