Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Immigration and Flat Stephanie's

A quieter day today ... I have a 4pm appointment with the government department who sent me the letter I posted a couple of days.

Yesterday I emailed both the government department and the city mayor, who had signed the letter. I was contacted this morning and have this appointment.

I've had to organise my papers and myself ... I lost confidence in my ability to organise my papers after recently being informed that my passport was not considered proof of identity ... I wonder what will happen today.

A mysterious contract is alluded to in the original letter, I think we're going to work on that ... the one between the immigrant with her shiny new residency permit (to be renewed every 6 months at first), and the Flemish government, I think.

I'll write some more when I understand ... it seems my university education hasn't withstood the test of immigration. There is still much I don't understand.

Meanwhile Flat Stephanie has just arrived from America. Sal recently asked for volunteer tour guides here , so I offered to show a little paper friend around Belgium and send the results back to the student.

Mmmm, if immigration doesn't get tired of me today, then I'll surely get thrown out of the country for wandering around Belgium with a life-size paper copy of an American 3rd grade student.

Actually Sal has a more informative post about 'Flat Stanley' here ...

Wish me luck.


Sal DeTraglia said...

Belgium Ministry of Immigration may not be efficient, but its Postal System definitely is.

woman wandering said...

Well ... don't speak too soon, much as I would like to agree.

A really important parcel was sent from the States about a month ago, there's still no sign of it. Flat Stephanie jumped the queue really.

This may or may not surprise you but they have some really strict rules about the application of stamps on envelopes ... and unlike New Zealand, if the mail is addressed wrong, it's addressed wrong, the end.

Back in NZ, a postcard with my name and 'somewhere on the peninsula, Dunedin' was delivered to my mailbox.
Not bad eh.