Monday, May 08, 2006

A Park in Tervuren

On Sunday, Alison and Andrew took us home via Tervuren and we strolled through the African Musem park ...we didn't have the time to explore the museum itself however the park at Teuvern was interesting all on its own.

It's a huge green area, with paths through the forest and a waterway. And there's this thing that I haven't seen done back in New Zealand but I noticed the activity as we wandered round Flanders Fields in the rain recently.

The fishermen here ... they really set up well, as hinted at in the photograph. I thought the massive umbrella was just for the rainy days in Flanders but no, they were using them in yesterday's heat too.

The fishermen have everything, even an alarm to alert them to activity on the line. I was fascinated. Even more stunning, perhaps not to those in the know ... they catch one of the big fish we saw lazily floating around, and then they release it.

We had this image of a fish being reeled in with a hook in its mouth and saying something along the lines of 'Dammit, that's the sixth time this month'.

The Musuem is a place we'll return to ... we've heard really good things about it and its mission statement reads "The Museum must be a world centre in research and knowledge dissemination on past and present societies and natural environments of Africa, and in particular Central Africa, to foster - to the public at large and the scientific community - a better understanding and interest in this area and, through partnerships, to substantially contribute to its sustainable development."

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