Friday, May 12, 2006

Cafe Therapy - 1001 therapies for the fear of Europe

Erkan posted an interesting link to an exciting site titled 1001 therapies for the fear of Europe

This year, launched Café Therapy – a series of online dossiers and discussions open to everybody aimed at helping understand the fears Europeans face in today’s society and discussing possible ways of overcoming them

In the past few years the Old Continent has become infected with fear. Faith in plans for a united Europe has waned dramatically. After France and Holland voted No to the European Constitution, prescribed a course of “coffee” for Europeans: meetings and debates throughout Europe, both online, in the form of in-depth dossiers and offline through public discussions. Today, we will present you with the solutions which arose from these discussions, through articles and interventions, interviews and opinions. The essence of Café Therapy.

But the idea of multiculturalism is based primarily on tolerance. Yet this value must be integrated with new possibilities for immigrants, because, according to Aziz Senni, a French entrepreneur of Moroccan origin who was a guest at the discussion organised in Paris by, “the only way to integrate young people from disadvantaged communities into French society is through work.” Senni is also the author of the book The Social Elevator is Out of Order . . . so I Took the Stairs and has suggested introducing measures of positive discrimination based not on race or religion, but where people live. The riots in the suburbs have left their mark.

The dossiers at the end of each small introduction are interesting ... these are the type of conversations Europe needs to be having.

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