Wednesday, May 17, 2006

A slice of my day

Events are conspiring to break into my self-imposed 'I'm working and need to concentrate' state.

Flat Stephanie requires exercise of the interactive type and so it was that this morning we popped over to Marco's third grade class with our flat American guest. I was looking forward to it, curious about Belgian schools after two years spent teaching in the Turkish private school system.

Oddly enough, I discovered I had less interest in the process of education and discovered a certain relief in being out of it all, as in ... 'Did you see how demanding that class was?' The students were lovely but I was happy to be on the guest side of the experience ... admiring what it takes to teach 22 short people and keep them in order as opposed to doing the ordering.

Meanwhile, Gert is home with an inner ear infection which translates to an almost permanent state of motion-sickness. I envy him not. Anything that involves not being able to read ... neither computer screen nor printed page, gives me the horrors, although I may have taken my sympathy too far ... staking out the other couch, the one in the sun, and sleeping the entire afternoon away.


Alison said...

I wondered where you had disappeared to :) Hope Gert is feeling better.

woman wandering said...

Gert is feeling worse ... poor old thing. He had it a few years ago and it lasted a couple of weeks that time. I'll pass on your hope though :)