Friday, May 19, 2006

Myrtle Shoupe

This article was kind of quirky ...

Myrtle Shoupe even had her own website: Myrtle is an exuberant 95-year-old columnist for the weekly Manchester Enterprise, published in the rugged, remote coal country of Eastern Kentucky. Myrtle began writing about the tiny community of Hima for The Enterprise in 1954, and over the years her column has become a favorite of readers far and wide.

In terms of topics, not to mention syntax, Myrtle is inspired by her verry own personal muse. Since 1956, The Enterprise has run a notice assuring readers the Hima News is indeed "Printed As Written." It seems that Myrtle balked when the editors attempted to clean up the column. When everyone in Manchester, even the mayor, rose up in Myrtle's defense, the newspaper backed down, but it made sure its readers knew that the voice they were reading is Mrs. Shoupe’s alone.

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