Sunday, May 21, 2006

Blue Eyes

I found this site in Andrea's Superhero Journal .

Blueeyes Magazine is an online documentary photography magazine devoted to publishing new long-term project work. It is a labor of love created by a dedicated group of people who believe in the power of still photography. The magazine was created in 2003 in response to declining editorial space for documentary images, following in the footsteps of the now defunct Untitled Magazine to publish pictures that support and celebrate passionate and personal photography.

Born from a group of friends who studied together at the Missouri School of Journalism, becoming deeply influenced by photographers like Eugene Richards, Gilles Perres, Larry Towell, and Luc Delahaye, the magazine exists to give a home to projects that examine social, political, and environmental issues around the world.

On a more complex level, Blueeyes is a movement against negative trends in photojournalism that have limited the freedom, self-expression, and evolution of documentary photography as a young medium of mass communication. The magazine strives to publish longer, more personal, and more intricate bodies of work, in direct contrast to the traditional models of the newspaper photo story or the over-simplified, stereotypical coverage of broadcast journalism outlets. While many publications, both in print and online, are happy to regurgitate the same pictures from the same photographers ad nauseam, we are trying to champion unpublished and unheralded work from mainly younger photographers. All of this is in a simple effort to understand our selves and our world more clearly.


Lever said...

Wow... the photo essay on the caucasus led me on a wild web chase, eventually looking up stuff about Armenia on wikipedia...

Nice find, very inspiring :)

woman wandering said...

I'm glad, lever ... I found it inspiring too.