Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Flower Mandalas

I just wandered over to David Bookbinder's blog and was stunned by the flower mandala images I found there.

He had written: Help Wanted: The Flower Mandalas Project! For the past two years, I've been taking pictures of flowers and manipulating the images to form mandalas. I'd like to assemble these images into a book, and I'd like your help.

What I have in mind is a book of 52 images, with one page containing a flower mandala and the opposite page a quotation that in some way complements the image. What I imagine is a collection of quotations, some of which relate to the flowers and their importance in literature, culture, art, and so on, while other quotations are simply thoughts or feelings the images evoke.

I welcome any and all responses. I will include, in the book's forward, how I came to the quotes I eventually end up using.
Thanks in advance!


Lever said...

Now those are all absolutely spectacular - I love those so much. I did one once upon a time, inspired by the Tibetan Tangkas and later saw the ones by Genevieve Gauckler, but the flower Mandalas are really realxing, as they should be. Great find :)

woman wandering said...

They are spectacular, arent they ... imagine what we could achieve with a Canon EOS 350D ...