Friday, March 17, 2006

Reading the World

I've just read the world and I love how it makes me feel as I adjust to finding a life in this new world. I miss people. Belgian society is just a little more difficult to break into and I've been slightly lost in the extremes created by socialising politically while being 'in-process-unemployable'. Next week I begin interviewing people, so I know things will change - it's only a matter of getting out there.
Anyway, reading the world ... let me show you a little of the people who made me smile today. Sahara Sara made me laugh when I read her comment about life as an aid worker in Elizabeth's Afghanistan blog . She had written 'I think what isn’t understood is how much of our work is like any other job - in front of the computer. I’ve had malaria, been in a wee bit of a plane crash, gotten stranded in villages, been medically evacuated, and pedaled miles through the jungle on a bike that was way to big for me. But that’s really not normal, right? I almost feel like I am feeding into that adventurous image that really doesn’t exist. I mean, showing up at your local military doctor who speaks only spanish with a stool sample in an empty peanut butter jar and trying to mime that you’d like them to check for parasites…kinda takes the glamour out of our lifestyle a wee bit. She's an American currently living and working in the Democratic Republic of Congo and she writes a good blog.

Sal made me laugh with his post titled Looking for Comedy in the Spanish-Speaking World and Wandering woman in Spain made me smile too, with her 'top-12-things-i-hope-my-spanish-neighbours-and-colleagues-don't-find-out' post.

Erkan's blog led me over to Istanbul metblogs where I read, with some envy, of the Henri Cartier-Bresson exhibition on at Pera Musuem. I shouldn't be envious, I did manage to discover free exhibitions while living in Istanbul. Two of my favourite photographers ... Robert Capa and Sebastiao Salgado were discovered on different occasions while strolling down Istiklal Caddesi in Taksim but it would have been nice to have been there for Henri's work.
A girl can clearly want too much sometimes but reading the world was almost 'enough' today.

A belated postscript. D.Ma has posted a Friday special that left me laughing. You need the sound on ... (that was a note to self really, the Marcel Marceau rabbit was less interesting).


Daily Dog said...

"Next week I begin interviewing people, so I know things will change - it's only a matter of getting out there." You make me curious...

woman wandering said...

I've had 2 writing projects in mind for some time. Nederlands classes 12 hours per week made it difficult to get out and work on my own stuff ... I'll let you know more as the story unfolds, at the moment I'm still finding out what is possible.