Sunday, March 19, 2006

George from e-marginalia wrote a comment that left me smiling one of those something nice just happened to me smiles.

He wrote, Just blogged you (e-Margonaut Sighting!) and Wandering Woman over at Meandering Margaux. I passed along the poem that Wandering Woman posted as well as your blog motto (title?) to our readers... Great stuff! And great site. I've added both of your feeds to my reader, and I'll keep an eye on your reflections. Also, scanning your blog, I was pleased to see that you've been visiting our websites! Thanks for visiting annd come back often. We're psyched to have you.
- George

I love reading the e-marginalia site but oddly enough, I never expected to 'appear' there myself. I loved what they wrote in their 'about'... e-Marginalia is a whimsical hybrid, conjoining the name of our site with one of the most delightful words in the English language, marginalia. Defined as the notes recorded in the margins of a text, marginalia is that most human of human tendencies to annotate, expound, reference and illustrate. e-Marginalia aspires to become a collective forum for travelers to annotate, expound, reference and illustrate, to contribute and share the artifacts of our travels. Let us fill the blank margins with ruminations, lessons, wonders and confabulations.

This is how they describe their daily blog If IS immersion travel (and we like to think it is), then Meandering Margaux is the heart and soul of immersion travel. It's what we're thinking, doing, wondering, visiting, hoping, whispering and shouting. Meandering Margaux is our daily blog. Read it! It'll keep you current, keep you inspired and keep you dreaming. Guaranteed...

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