Sunday, March 12, 2006

Middelheim ... again

Today has been more about relaxing and enjoying the illusion of sunshine and warmth from behind double-glazed windows ... Antwerpen has been bathed in stunning sunshine however outside the temperature hasn't climbed much above 2 degrees celsius. Anyway there were places we still wanted to show Debbie and so today was all about Middelheim Open Air Museum and its 300+ sculptures representing an overview of 20th century sculpting. It was nice outside, as long as the breeze didn't touch you and body parts were covered.

I've just been reading the 'city walks' book ... Debbie and I are curious to see how many city routes we can actually explore tomorrow, after my 9am Nederlands speaking examination. I'm not sure how serious I am about this series of 1.2 exams and I guess others might be wondering too ... my dilemma is that I didn't really 'get' Nederlands grammar and sentence construction to a point where I feel comfortable or confident about moving on. And I'm not sure I want to move up to the next level until I have worked it all out. For me it's more about being able to actively use the language and less about passing the examinations ... sure I can pass if I study but no I can't use it well yet.

We'll see.


Egan said...

Ah, the nuances of language. I love the sculptures in the woods.

harvey molloy said...

I enjoyed the photos too. Good luck with your exam.

eonyc said...

Your photos are simply stunning.

Deepblusea said...

You know Di, I think I should read your entries in order. Middelheim looks interesting.. I would like to see it some time... when the breeze doesn't hurt.

woman wandering said...

Thanks egan, it was odd ... last time I tried to photograph them, I felt the trees ruined the results. This time I tried to kind of make the trees work with the sculptures ... sounds silly but I like the results.

Thanks Harvey, I passed :)

And thank you to you too eonyc!

I guess we could just dress really warmly Shannon, but failing that sure, a blue sky day is great for photographs and you'll love it there, I'm sure. I've only photographed my taste and the sculpture range varies far more than I show here.