Monday, March 27, 2006

GNN - Guerrilla News Network

After hearing Robert Fisk speak in Ghent I was curious to read more of his writing. I discovered the Guerrilla News Network, an independent news organization with headquarters in New York City and production facilities in Berkeley, California. Their mission is to expose people to important global issues through cross-platform guerrilla programming.

I found Robert Fisk but there was so much more there on this site. This article asks the simple question - Is the Media Only Showing the Bad News in Iraq? Paul Rieckhoff goes on to write, Here's a radical idea: Let's ask a soldier who's there what he thinks.


Jack's Shack said...

Robert Fisk? Oy vey.

woman wandering said...

Oy vey ... I can't even read it without smiling.
'Oh no' ...?