Thursday, March 16, 2006

A Post for Diede

There is a creature in the Nederlands, an old friend really, casting doubt on my way of spending today ...

Dear Diede (otherwise known as Mr Independent Leader, courtesy of the DNA test),
In pursuit of perfection, I am home and babysitting. Gert's 8 year old son is with us this week and on the couch with a fever. He's engrossed in childrens television, a spell only broken by his desire to pop the digital thermometer under his armpit and report each new reading in Nederlands.
I have served him lunch on the couch, soothed his forehead with a cold facecloth, offered a fever pill which he has so far refused with an admirable stubborness, given him water and cuddled him whenever it all got too much for him.
This morning Gert stayed home while I popped out and picked up my long-stay visa identity card. No mean feat and a long walk in the cold, snow fell briefly ... and I managed to coax both conversation and laughter out of my very uncommunicative processing officer. He even mocked me about my claim that New Zealanders didn't really carry identity cards. He asked if it was because we all knew each other ... as you know, this could almost be true.
And anyway, I have moved my blog to the position of 'my interim business' due to the situation of being caught between countries and in a state of partial non-existence.

To conclude, my mocking friend, it could be that I have actually achieved far more in my workday than you ... definately in the area of multiple-functionality ;) (and yes, it's a word, specially in my world).

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