Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Cyber Weirdness ...

I opened a bottle of Monte Ducay tonight, a little red wine from Spain.

My translator was out at a meeting and I was curious to know more about this quite oaky wine ... so of course, being a creature of the cyberworld I searched it on Google.

Much searching later, refining my word searches then hopefully adding 'English', I found a site I could read ... it was a link to a previous post I'd written about the same wine in February.

I was reassured by my opinion about it but it was a strange thing to find me in Google.


Dobermann said...

I have yet to find my blog in search results when I'm looking for something "for real". It would be cool though. "I have known this thing and blogged about it earlier".. ;)

woman wandering said...

It was lovely wine ... :)