Friday, March 24, 2006


As I wrote in the previous post, Ghent was closing as we arrived yesterday but we did get one or two photographs that might give a small impression of place.
One of the things that delighted me wasn't ancient or pretty ... it was an odd little machine outside the closed Information Office. I was following my Belgian guide when it became clear that he was a little uncertain about the precise location of the 12th century Gravesteen castle. This was the moment when I learned that some Northern Hemisphere men might suffer from an affliction I had previously only seen in their Southern Hemisphere counterparts ... the 'I don't need to ask anyone for directions' syndrome. I'm shameless, if I'm lost I ask and I've met some lovely people that way. Anyway, it was then that I spotted 'The Machine'. It looks innocuous, dull even but it has a touch screen and it can do stuff. It prints out maps and directions to must-see places around the city. (This morning I noticed Gert has deleted the photograph I took of him using it).
The weather was stunning and just like back home in Dunedin, New Zealand - the people of Ghent were out and soaking up every last ray of sun they could find on that lovely Spring day. It's a really nice little city.


Dobermann said...

Every photo you post from around Antwerp and Belgium makes me want to go there. I mean, beautifull buildings and everything seems beautifull. Please let me believe it and keep the photos coming! ;)

George said...

*burble* *burble* Still percolating... Mind if I elaborate via email? You can reach me at editor [AT] e-marginalia [DOT] com. I'll give you a hint. I love your recent Ghent and Robert Fisk and Ghent postings, and I know e-Marginalia readers would as well!

woman wandering said...

Lol, sure thing doberman ... :)