Thursday, March 23, 2006

Ms Baker and her Apple Mac Book Pro

There was a nice story on the power of blogging over on DW's site. It's a lovely site if you have some spare time. They write, DW is a collection of its Kuwaiti author’s reveries, rants, and mental meanderings. Thrown in for good measure in between their stories and experiences, is a hodgepodge of interesting links, literature, poetry, food and music. DW is in essence, a haven for the thoughts of wandering daydreamers and thoughtful thinkers both great and small.


lettuce said...

thats such a good story! I'm fascinated by the power of blogging as I've got drawn into it, as I never would have predicted.

(I also loved what you said about writing, on Paulo Coelho - and yourself)

Egan said...

Macs rule!

woman wandering said...

Hey lettuce, thanks for commenting, and I can only agree about blogging ... I find it fascinating.

egan sigh ... I have a Toshiba Satellite laptop. When I grow up I want an Apple too.

R. William said...

Hello, are you writing anything apart from your blog? I try and do an hour in the morning and an hour at night mostely on the blog but I've had some ideas for a book- which is harder since you've gotta make stuff up. Dunedin expecting a high of 10 today but yesterday was beautiful. Weber bros. circus is in town so the Ovals lit up with their pavilions at night. My blog's called St Kilda's Grubby Vestments. It's had no visitors and no comments. Boo hoo.

Ms.Baker said...

Dear Di,

Thanks so much for mentioning us in your post! You are too kind :) I still am surprised at what happened with my MacBook post...and baffled! Who knew! LOL! Here's hoping and wishing that the stars align just right and you get your own MacBook very soon, so you can experience the sheer child-like fun I am having with it ( and will let us read all about it here :) )

Thanks again Di.

MsB, the ex-Toshiba/Windows XP user