Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Dorte Huneke and Immigrant Integration

I was curious about Dorte Huneke, the journalist mentioned in my previous post and found this site, The Anglo-German Foundation for the Study of Industrial Society contributes to policy-making in Britain and Germany by funding bilateral research and discussion of economic and social issues which challenge both countries, and by making the results of this work available to decision-makers, practitioners and their advisers.

Dorte had joint responsibililty for this paper that questions whether it was easier to be a Turk in Berlin or a Pakistani in Bradford. I've only skim-read it so the link is being added to this electronic journal of mine however it appears to ask some interesting questions.

The Pakistanis of Bradford and the Turks of Berlin are well-rooted communities, but there is remarkably little curiosity about their collective and individual experiences. Do long-term immigrants feel they belong? Do they want to belong? What are their dreams, their ambitions? This small-scale study uses a combination of journalistic reporting and insights and academic rigour to explore the views and experiences of a range of people in the two communities. The result is a revealing snapshot of two societies in transition. Perhaps even more important, it also teases out significant questions about the nature of British and German society.

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