Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Today ... in Berlin

The huge door opened and let us in ... and there I was, in the back hallways of Berlin's famous Martin Gropius Bau Museum.

Last night I worked on providing photographic coverage of a symposium held at the Berlin-Brandenburg Academy of Sciences. Today was about completing the processing in an office that I would never find again on my own, inside the museum. I feel like I'm seeing Berlin via some of its most fabulous buildings.

Then again, this work in Berlin is definitely work that I love ... but read for yourself:

I work for a platform for philosophy and art that initiates projects within the disciplines of arts and sciences on an international podium, and combines in a unique manner academy and performance, philosophy and art, text and image, literary and artistic tradition.

It also promotes the renaissance of Jewish and Islamic cosmopolitan traditions worldwide and cooperates with existing academic and artistic platforms and public institutions around the globe.

This time it was also about seeing people met on my last two work gigs in Berlin and it was truly delicious to find they remembered me.

It seems that la vita e bella can easily be applied to this Berlin life of mine too.

Meanwhile, as I write this, my photographs are wandering out to be published with articles and reports on last night.

You know, it's been a really excellent couple of days.
Nice to be home ... until next week and Barcelona ;)

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