Friday, November 28, 2008

Today in Amsterdam ...

Gaudi, Sagrada Familia, Barcelona, originally uploaded by - di.

A truly stunning day where the mysterious project that involves travel, photography and me working as a documentary and art photographer was discussed over Mexican food at a restaurant in Amsterdam.

Then, as always happens whenever I'm on any kind of gig with this remarkable woman, I was swept off on her magical carpet to the city centre where we met with a hugely talented and interesting man and I almost wept because I wasn't carrying my camera however the conversations between academic and artist, between philosphers, between visionaries ... that was quite possibly as much 'powerful' as I could stand in these early stages.

It looks like Cairo for 5 days just before Christmas and from there ... well let's just see how it unfolds because at the moment I'm learning, just about anything is possible.

Note: the photograph is a little more of Sagrada Familia in Barcelona. The windows astounded me.


furiousBall said...

love this shot, the shadows are really cool

Di Mackey said...

Gaudi was a master of light, Van. I could wander in that cathedral of his daily.

I would love to study him but I guess it's about fitting him in, so I'll just keep blogging the beauty I found in Sagrada Familia.

Peter said...

There's an interesting documentary tonight about Christian natives living in Cairo Di, on VRT-tv channel 2

This Fri 8.10 pm, "Vranckx": "Egypt's rubbish people", a shocking public TV account about the social reality for the poverty stricken and discriminated Christian minority in Cairo. A must-see!

On a travel note: although the Egyptian Museum in Cairo is stunning,
Cairo is downright filthy and totally overcrowded (that's not just my opinion after an 8h visit, but a general consensus in all travel guides - short quote:
"Cairo is utterly dirty, suffocatingly hot, overcrowded and hugely polluted. Not recommended for women traveling alone.")

Given you will be working there, the situation is obviously entirely different.