Saturday, November 15, 2008

Some of my 'to-do' list ...

I have just come from a tough round of negotiations, I could work for the UN in averting international crises ... such is negotiating with Miss Four, an excellent practice exercise.

Later I'll have to go clean up collateral damage in the kitchen ... there are 6 of us here at the moment. It's not pretty.

I'm confirming my accommodation in Barcelona and then there's the 'archival' work ... those emails marked as unread until I could get time to answer them.

I have some IT work to do. Everything has to be moved from the new laptop back to my HP Pavilion because it's simpler to travel with, smaller and anyway, I was quite attached to it. I might contract that out to Gert though.

There's a chat forum area to organise for the NGO, although that work has already begun and I'm loading my new website, quite delighted with the shape it is taking ... now to find time to process the material I've spent these last few months gathering.

I need to write an 'About me' for it and I'm shockingly bad at them, invoice Berlin, mail a cd of photographs to the NZ Defence Forces in London, find the photographs for the Flanders 1917 website, finish Diede and Francien's photo processing, start putting together the newsletter for the NGO and send a lovely Genovese man some of my photographs from my time there for a website he runs over there.

Oh ... and iron the new duvet set I finally bought last week, after more than 3 years of wanting it. It's telling that I haven't had time to do that simple thing since I bought it more than a few days ago.

I should probably unpack from Berlin and wash and prepare for Barcelona.

How are things looking in your world?


Manictastic said...

A whole lot less busier, but it kinda feels the same coz I don't wanna do my work:D

Di Mackey said...

Tell me of your work, Manic? It might distract me in a good way :) University stuff? You would have loved the Berlin experience I suspect.

Manictastic said...

Yea, lots and lots of reading to do :(

Di Mackey said...

Oh oh oh, tell me some of who you have to read, or is it text books rather than literature? Poor Manic.

V-Grrrl said...

I know a fabulous ghostwriter who would be happy to write copy for your site.

I think you know her too....

E-Mail me : )

Manictastic said...

I had to read The English Patient, Fall on your knees by a MacDonald woman, The Handmaid's Tale by a Atwood woman, also a short story by Borges, and other stuff too :D

Never read so much in six months as this year :D

Di Mackey said...

I'll get back to you V, seems like a plan. It's the writing of me and the NZ upbringing where one must always be humble and modest and never effusive ... gah!

Oh, I adore Ondaatje! I have lots of his stuff. I studied him in post-modernism. Let me know if I can be of any help :)