Monday, November 17, 2008

A small update from my world.

Shanti strolled back into our world yesterday from her new place in Holland, just an hour and a half away by train. It is so good to see her again and we stayed up far too late talking.

An email came in in the afternoon and funding has been approved for the project in the Middle East. I have a meeting in Amsterdam on November 26 to find out what my role will be.

I'm working in Brussels tomorrow and fly out to Barcelona on Wednesday.

Ummm yes, that would be my head that's spinning.


Kat said...

Wow, congrats on the Middle East project!! Can't wait to see those photos.

Barcelona will be ace too, very jealous.


Kay said...

You are making your dreams come true - yay you!

Di Mackey said...

Thanks Kat, fingers crossed :)

Chance plays a huge role too, Kay. So many good things came from one free photo shoot I did in the European Parliament. I love that about life.

Peter said...

While we're all excited and happy that you achieved what you always wanted,
some of us will be missing you here in rainy Antwerp.

Hope I'll get a chance to see you before you're off to the Middle East.

Manictastic said...

And just ten years ago, you were a small town girl living at the end of the world wondering how a wandering life might have felt like. Doesn't fate have a bunch of twists up its sleaves :)

paris parfait said...

But spinning with possibilities - congrats on the new project! You will love the Middle East. (I still think you need me as an interpreter). Hmmm, are you going to be in Antwerp long enough to see me in December??!! :) Safe journey to Barcelona. Enjoy - can't wait to see your photos. xo

Di Mackey said...

Let's make a plan tomorrow Peter, my plans might change for the days ahead. I'll email or phone you to see. xo

It does Manic, and I fully expect to be visiting you some place exotic in 10 years. I foresee an excellent life for you :)

I do need you as translator, Tara but I'm a minor player if I get to go so ... it will be a small bag for equipment and a small bag for clothes, as usual xo

Jule's Short Story said...

Fantastic news! As you know, the Middle East has a piece of my heart so vicariously traveling there through you will be wonderful. I know your photos will capture the mood, looking forward to that :)

christina said...

Ahh, so that was YOU I saw out of the corner of my eye whizzing by at the speed of light! Sounds like many good things are coming together for you, Di and I know you're enjoying ever minute.

Mlle said...

What time is your appointment in Amsterdam? Let's try to get together afterward so you can fill me in on all the juicy details!


Di Mackey said...

Thanks Jules. I'll know more next week hopefully and I'll share whatever I'm allowed to share :)

Ahhh Christina, maybe it was but it would be so nice to come meet you one day in Germany :)

Hey Ms Mlle! I don't know the time of the appointment yet but I'll get back to you. Thanks for yesterday xo

odessa said...

oh, you're such a globetrotter! i love it. and i love that you're sharing all your adventures with us. i'm catching up with all your posts.