Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Dunedin - a life slice

For anyone who might be curious, a slice of cultural life from my home city, Dunedin.

Thanks Kay.


Lydia said...

How interesting! And what a beautiful spot on the Earth. I really liked looking at the faces of the people featured in the post. Thanks for sharing.

Peter said...

I've always been quite curious about the place where you grew up Di - its elaborate cultural scene was a pleasant surprise.

Google came up with a number of even more surprising images (I was already in love with the stunning natural beauty of the Otago peninsula):

http://deboramasweblog.blogspot.com/2004/06/clean-wholesome-nudity.html totally stunned me though: I mean, Dunedin, NZ is known for its traditional rugby, and this looked kind of unusual :-)

also made me smile:
Dunedin is listed as having one of the world's most unusual roads.

And obviously, there's the 'Hollywood' sign showing that the locals are quite proud of their town:


But I digress: the images of Milford Sound near Te Anau totally stunned me.

If all that breath-taking natural beauty wasn't located on the other side of the planet I'd move, especially on a chilly wet day like this in urban Antwerp.

Di Mackey said...

A pleasure, Lydia :)

And Peter, so you found my hometown ... Mosgiel, town of the Hollywood-like sign. It used to be quite nice to sit on top of that hill and look out over Mosgiel, chatting with a friend and all that.

And you found Baldwin Street. At different times, I had 2 friends who lived on it. One was close to the top ... walking up was kind of nasty if unfit.

The peninsula, that's the love of my life. I was in Broad Bay and on the edge of it, with my sea kayak that was really my harbour kayak :)

Te Anau, stunning stunning scenery but darling one, you would last about 1 day there. It's a frontier town and very very very small. And rain ... it comes down in bucket loads, beautiful but ... remind me to tell you next time we meet up :)

furiousBall said...

look at all that water around that town! wow, looks gorgeous!

Di Mackey said...

It's not too bad, Van. And there's a huge student life there ... I loved it on the good days. It does do grey and drizzly quite well too though. Nothing like a grey Dunedin Sunday to take a kid to the brink.

Kay said...

This is great! Different slants on Dunniz and its uber-culture. You and I will have to get together one day Di and put images to words - or vice versa.

Di Mackey said...

That sounds like a very good idea, Kay :) I do believe I would enjoy working with you on a project like that.