Saturday, November 15, 2008

Italian Chocolate

Chocolate-making, Genova, originally uploaded by - di.

Or is that Italian chocolate made the old-fashioned way ...

I interviewed the man who makes chocolates while I was in the city. The machinery he uses is from the 19th century and the processes are still the old processes where ever possible.

Stunning chocolate!


Giovanni said...

I'd love to read the interview and see more photos, if you publish it somewhere other than here you'll give us the details, won't you?

Di Mackey said...

Hi Giovanni, the interview will be on my new website ... the one with the interviews, photographs and this blog relocated and yes, I'll publish the details as soon as I launch.

Grazie for the interest.

Giovanni said...

Excellent, I look forward to that.

I don't know where you're from in NZ, but I stumbled upon an interesting blog, every day a different photo of Wellington -

Di Mackey said...

I come from the South Island - I grew up in Mosgiel, next to Dunedin; moved to Cromwell, in Central Otago for 5 years; then Blenheim for 4 years and Te Anau for about 2 years ... then became an inhabitant of and adored Otago Peninsula before moving to Istanbul.

But I've thought that if I bought my European man home, I would have to bring him to Wellington. Do you enjoy it?

I have friends there and have always loved the mix of small-town and big city I found there, and then the fact that nature and cityscape compliment each other too.

Thanks for the blog recommendation.

Giovanni said...

Oh, yes, we've settled in Wellington very happily indeed, for all the good reasons you've described. But then again I basically haven't been to the south island yet.

Di Mackey said...

Not been to the South Island???

Oh Giovanni, it's so veryvery beautiful there. If you do go, and you would like some local knowledge, I would be happy to write to you about what I think is beautiful or worth seeing ... then, of course, you can ignore all I say and do what you like.

Giovanni said...

Tell you what: I'll visit Mosgiel if you promise to visit Milan, then we'll swap photos. Deal? :-)

But seriously, our life is oddly constrained at the moment, I travel to Italy every year to see my elderly mother and so we can never quite afford the time (or the dobloons) to travel to the South Island, what little summer holiday we end up taking we head north. But we certainly do plan to camp down there at some point and any advice will be more than welcome of course.

Di Mackey said...

Mosgiel ... ummmm maybe you should photograph one of the other places I lived, probably Te Anau would be that much more satisfying :) Mosgiel is little and (I'll whisper this) but it's quite dull, okay?

I know what you mean about commitments to home. When I was living in Istanbul, I always flew home to NZ in my holiday on a tiny budget and didn't even manage to see neighbouring Greece or much of Turkey.

Anyway, when you are ready to wander that way, we can talk about my beautiful beautiful South Island.