Thursday, November 20, 2008

Gaudi's Paint ...

I bought 2 small booklets today, both written by artists working on Sagrada Familia.

Josep Maria Subirachs Guide to the Passion Facade and Joan Vila-Grau on The Stained-Glass Windows.

It was in the book by Josep that I found this beautiful description of the light I found inside the Sagrada Familia this morning.

In a piece titled, The Sun, The Best Painter he wrote: Gaudi is a master of light who knows all the resources needed to create heart-captivating atmosphere, and knows how to cover the windows, if need be, with colour, or how to simply guide the light over pure architectural surfaces.

He ends with a quote from Ignasi Puig Boada: The elements of the windows transform the Church walls with a palpitating light, as if the light, working like water flowing over stone, had dug into the thickness of the walls in a process of slow and polyform erosion.


Anonymous said...

Woa, those are some fancy words to go with the breathtaking pics.
...process of slow and polyform erosion...

Di Mackey said...

Thank you for the 'breathtaking' and I loved the words, though ... must blog them.

At first I imagined I would just buy a book on the church/temple itself but I loved reading about 'the artist' and so these books were a must.

What delighted me, and I hope I can find it on the internet, is the way Gaudi apparently always incorporated Nature into his works ... once I knew that, it opened a whole new series of doors for me. Of course, it left me wondering why I was taught barely anything interesting in school.