Saturday, November 22, 2008

Home Again ... to snow!

We flew out through some bumpy turbulence, and crossing the Pyrenees caused the plane to lurch about that bumpity way I can stand on a bus but which creates a huge tension in me when I'm that high in the sky in a flimsy metal construction. Then came the landing ... zero celsius, snow!

I'm crawling off to my bed, trying to forget that this morning I was in my Barcelona bedroom, windows open, blue sky, warm air ...

Fortunately Gert met me at the airport tonight, with my warm winter coat and my special hat. It's good to be home.

Oost, west, thuis best ;)
(A whisper, that was for Gert because he travelled 2 hours by train and another 15 minutes on a cold bus to come meet me at Charleroi Airport - 70kms south of Brussels.)


Kay said...

What a good man!

Mark J said...

There's a definable warmth to your shots Di; an almost underlying homage to red and gold, giving life to still life - if you will.


(Yes - this is me talking!)

Jule's Short Story said...

Oh no. Hope you don't have the unseasonable winter we had.

Gert is wonderful, so dedicated bringing your coat like that. The man needs a medal :)

Peter said...

You've got an amazing husband Di!

My dearest partner wouldn't be so courteous and gracious to bring me my warm winter coat when I would be arriving at the distant airport of Charleroi.

(For those who are not familiar with Ryanair: "Brussels South" is nowhere near Brussels)

Di Mackey said...

He is, Kay :) I'm very lucky.

Thank you Mark. I had noticed that gold is a colour that draws me but I suspect you are right with a kind of homage to both colours.

Let's see what happens with our winter, Jules. The snow never really settled here in Antwerpen and today is brighter and dry.

I loved it, Peter. I'm not sure many would make the two hour trip by tram, train and bus to bring a partner home, specially on a night like last night.