Monday, November 10, 2008

A small midnight news flash from Di in Berlin

Tonight I met Alex from Heidelberg and he just wanted to chat as we sped through the dark Berlin night on the Sbahn here in the city of Berlin - past things I had no idea about to a destination I was completely unfamiliar with ...

One of the things about traveling like this is that you need to correctly fit the mask of pretense, the one that warded off those guys who were trying to sell dodgy tickets to lost tourists at the ticket vending machines in the metro. The mask that makes it appear that you know where you're heading and what you're doing. But Alex seemed to see past it and gave me his copy of the 2008 tram network map for Berlin, counting off how many stops till mine and generally submitting to the Curiousity of Di about his German life.

His wife's grandfather was a most interesting man and we agreed that Heidelberg is a beautiful city. It was a good way to arrive in Berlin.

And it's excellent to be back. This time I'm staying in the home of a friend and have already spent a couple of incredibly interesting hours talking with a Palestinian professor of literature from Ramallah, and before that, with another lovely man I first met as the groom at the Berlin wedding shoot. But the story of this piece of my life is so much bigger than I am up to telling at midnight and perhaps I should ask permissions.

You know when you find some place you enjoy being, that you relax into?
For me I know it by the feeling of the air or the atmosphere. I'm not sure how to define this softness I feel in the air of a place where it feels good to be but I am staying in a beautiful, rambling, white wooden-interior apartment, full of life and colour, excellent books and interesting people. The air is soft in that way that makes me know it's a good place to be.

Anyway, gute nacht from this wandering creature.


Kat said...

Hi Di

Just stumbled on to your blog and have been catching up with it. I absolutely LOVE your photography! Consider yourself blogrolled!

I know precisely what you mean about the mask of pretence! I'm totally rubbish at it though. I think I'm just too good at the lost pasty-faced foreigner look :)

Can't wait to follow your blog.


furiousBall said...

I am so envious of your travels, and Germany is yet another destination on my yet undone, to do list of journeys for me...

paris parfait said...

Oh you lucy girl!!! Enjoy every moment and soak up the atmosphere. I would have loved to be a fly on the wall with the professor. xo

Di Mackey said...

Hi Kat, lovely to find you here. Sorry to be so slow in replying to this one and thank you for blogrolling me :)

I'm enjoying your blog too!

I'm sure we'll see you here one day, Van, then you can do the grand tour.

I'm loving it, Tara. And I enjoyed every moment hence this late reply to your comment xo