Tuesday, September 12, 2006

THE Vegemite Post

Sal , it's not an easy task ... photographing the creation of a Vegemite sandwich.

There are those who will say I've sold out our Vegemite secrets for 5 minutes of fame and maybe they're right but I see it as a little evangelizing about Vegemite...

I would like to pretend that I eat Vegemite on a hearty brown grainy loaf of uncut bread but that would be a lie and anyway, it's easier to follow the application procedure on the white bread.

Application instructions are vital. Gert's parents would agree, having believed Raf when he told them they could eat it from a spoon ...no one can eat Vegemite from a spoon - not even Crocodile Dundee. It's so wrong that it should be written on the Vegemite label as a health warning.

No ... here's how it's done.

One selects the bread or toast.
Note: if choosing toast, a whole new field in the decision-making process opens up ...
- hot or cold toast
- butter heavily applied to hot toast and melted
- butter heavily applied to cold toast and solid.
This is important and does alter the entire taste experience.

In the photographs, you will see that I chose white bread and a hearty application of butter (margarine will not suffice as it's one chemical step away from plastic and isn't a strong enough compliment the Vegemite - people who say 'overpower the Vegemite' should be ignored, they are exaggerating ... just in case Jason the American reads this).

After evenly applying the butter, you scoop out your first knife stroke of Vegemite. At no point should you apply Vegemite directly onto the bread. It tastes nasty without butter ... for me the butter is key to the experience.

People vary in Vegemite application ... as you will see, I took the light to medium approach on bread. This varies depending on a number of factors:
- freshness of bread
- white or brown bread
- toast
- white or brown toast
- hot or cold toast.

Shamefully, in a moment of greed and nostalgia, I also applied a single layer of potato chips to my bread ... a favourite lunchtime filling from the days of my childhood.

A Vegemite sandwich can also be loaded with cheese and/or lettuce. The sky is the limit, it's really what you can digest at the end of day.

Bon appetite!


Sal DeTraglia said...

The application process isn't at all what I had imagined. Vegemite should be smeared, rather than spread.

How many lives have you saved with this post? Pity that it came nearly twenty years too late for me. My one Vegemite experience to date involved a jar, a spoon and my tongue. Nothing more. And...I suppose that nothing more needs to be said about the outcome of my experiment.

So...OK, I will try again. Of course, I still have the formidable task of finding a jar of Vegemite here in Spain. But when I do, it will be a whole new ballgame.

Thanks for educating us Philistines.


woman wandering said...

Smeared ... hmmm what books have you been reading? This was my nana's recipe, secretly handed down through the generations ... or something like that.

I was so sorry to read of your 'first Vegemite experience' - that must have been traumatic and downright nasty.

Philistines ...?
Actually, the Brits, the Americans and the Turks all called me a philistine when they realised I ate Vegemite ... sigh.

Alison said...

Good God someone is going to arrest me for aiding and abetting in the tourture of Bread for buying this stuff for you!

Lisa said...

The thing I'm wondering is, what does it taste like? It's not available where I am that I know of.

woman wandering said...

Alison, no one's going to arrest you ... Jason's in America and extradicting a kiwi by CIA chopper might create more trouble than it's worth, and Kagan forgave me the Vegemite although he did ask if it was rotten after smelling it.

But even better, you bought me two jars. I'm just starting the second one now.

Hmmm what does it taste like? It's kind of savoury and yeasty and salty, Lisa. Lol, did that help.

Francien is the only foreigner I know who has actually liked it. She tasted it when she came over from the Netherlands for the wedding ... a lovely gift :)

a-random-kiwi said...

yum...on toast, in winter is the best!!

woman wandering said...

Oh random kiwi, on toast in winter with a slightly weak tea, milk and sugar ... yum or, with coffee to actually.

awomynda said...

my mouth is so watering... wish I was breakfasting/lunching with you.

awomynda said...

my mouth is so watering... wish I was breakfasting/lunching with you.

Lisa said...

Not really. I see I'm going to have to take the plunge and buy some. If my lips rot off I'm coming back here with injury 'pegs. ;9

christina said...

I can't believe I missed this one! I haven't had Vegemite for many, many years and the memory (not all that good) still haunts me. My mother adores the stuff but neither my brothers nor I inherited the gene.