Wednesday, September 06, 2006


Yesterday I had my first appointment with Bedrijvenloket or the Company Desk.

It's the section of city administration where all companies ... from the self-employed through to the biggest companies in the City, as well as companies interested in investing in the city ... go for information.

The service I visited was originally set up to help people of non-Belgian origin begin their own business ventures here and was known as the Adviesbureau Allochtoon Ondernemen or the Advisory office for non-native entrepreneurs. These days it's an integrated service known as Bedrijvenloket and provides information an assistance for both Belgians and non-Belgians.

I loved it. It seems like a superb way of making the city more successful ... assisting future tax payers achieve their dreams.

And so this part of the story begins ...


Lisa said...

So exciting! :D Best of luck to you. Can't wait to hear how it goes.

Manic said...

Ahh, why won't you tell us what your up too. We know your starting your own little company, but what kind of company we don't know. I need to know.

Bedrijvenloket, that's a great way to make Belgium more successful. We need more people working, means lower taxes, means more money to spend, means more people working, hey it's a something something circle. See money makes the world go round and round and round...

I'm expecting an update soon with all the details of what your up too.

PS: Stupid Blogger Beta, I can't comment on your blog in the old fashion way.

Rob said...

I shall have to set up a company here in Scotland if I stay, or back in Australia if I go back. Hope your experience wasnt too drama ridden.

Peter said...

I know that Antwerp succeeded in making their 'bedrijvenloket' a smooth running and professional operation. Antwerp actually has been a frontrunner in jumpstarting new business ventures. Good luck, I'm quite curious how the story will evolve.

woman wandering said...

Thanks Lisa ... I can't wait to see how it goes either :)

Oh manic, shall I just tell you then? I'm going to call myself a 'communications consultant' because everything I do is about communicating ;)

Hi Rob! Well so far my experience has lacked drama beyond a small mistake where I was told it could take up to 5 months to get the paperwork done however that turned out to be a mistake and I can start very very soon.

I have to say, Antwerpen is fantastic at looking after its residents. The set up is brilliant and it's all about assistance, which is delicious.

It will be fun to watch as you go through the process where ever you end up. Let's see who has the most stories :)

woman wandering said...

Thanks Peter ... like you I'm curious to see how things go.

As a non-EU citizen, few employers would touch me as the paperwork was both expensive and slightly mindblowing ...

Gert and I had both imagined I would continue my English teaching career when I came here however the rule for non-EU citizens is that they set up their own buiness and work freelance for schools ... so that was the intention back in September 2005.

A year of not being legal to work has opened new doors, so here's to having the courage to open them up and begin a new life :)