Sunday, September 24, 2006

International fireworks festival, Deurne

The district of Deurne and Hendrickx & Lefeber fireworks company got together and organised an international fireworks competition in Rivierenhof Park this month and we were invited along to the associated receptions, with last night being the grand finale.

The international fireworks competition began on Spetember 8th, with the Belgians displaying their pyrotechnic talents as part of the Liberation Day festivities. We were lucky enough to be at that reception and thought those fireworks good but last night's display by the English was stunning and I'm not a huge fan of fireworks.

I almost died laughing as the British National Anthem played, imaginging the Flemish Nationalists and Extreme Right neo nazis foaming at the mouth, so perhaps that added to my enjoyment of the night ... but the fireworks won strong applause in each song break.

A professional jury had been brought in to evaluate the fireworks each week and last night's winners took away an Antwerpen Trophy - that would be a trophy in the shape of an 'A', with diamonds attached.

The results were announced, with England taking first for technical expertise however it was the Austrian display that had everyone talking ... yes, that would be the one that we missed. The Austrians took out first overall and won the best music award.

Not a bad way to spend a Saturday evening ...


paris parfait said...

Sounds like fun! I adore fireworks.

woman wandering said...

Well they have had more fireworks here in Antwerpen than I've seen in my life ... any and everything is used for an excuse.

In the park, they have a brass band accompanying them or a soundtrack ... I'm getting used to it but Saturday night's was the best I've seen yet.