Monday, September 11, 2006

An Antwerpen Tram

I was catching the tram into the city this morning and decided to photograph it while I waited ...

Along came Guy, the tram driver who posed next to it for me.

I had never ridden the trams before moving to Antwerpen but they're a great way to get round the city, most particularly if you come from a part of the world where the traffic drives on the opposite side of the road.

Add to that the fact that Antwerpens have this 'certainty' about right of way when they're out there and I think it will take me some time to give up the trams and become a driver again.

So for 25euro per month, I have this pass that takes me all over the city riding the trams, buses and metro ...

Meanwhile it's a beautiful day here in Antwerpen, not too hot but a day full of sunshine.

Alles goed.

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