Wednesday, September 13, 2006

A lovely day out in Antwerpen

I wandered off to meet old and new friends in the city this morning and without intending to we ended up lounging around for most of the day ... networking really ... drinking coffee in a lovely outdoor cafe in an old part of the city.

Note to self: I love that cafe, I must do a write-up on it ... excellent coffee, lovely food and good service.

After an hour or so, there was a short discussion with regards to lunch venue, short because every newcomer to Antwerpen has to visit Het Elfde Gebod and that's where I took this photograph.

Subject: Onze Lieve Vrouew Kathedral spire (Cathedral of Our Lady)
Location: table outside at Het Elfde Gebod
Company: Kathryn (USA), Alison (Canada)

Two glasses of chilled white wine, some bread and a large slice of brie ... time flew.

I had an appointment at 4.30pm ... and for a rather stunning example of the multi-lingual abilities of Antwerpens click here and choose your language.

PINA are the people who assist immigrants with integration here in the city and I had had an idea for a project. I went back to take photographs today. Just by the way, they need volunteers ... I imagine it's a service run all over the world and they always need volunteers.

My idea wasn't one they had running and they're going to try implementing it. Let's see what happens but suffice to say, it's to do with me using my camera and this poem I can't link to on my own blog. You'll find it posted on 24 August - Poetry Thursday. Written by Mourid Barghouti, an extract ...

Can the earth contain
The cruelty of a mother making her coffee alone
On a Diaspora morning?
She wants to go to a planet away from the earth
Where all directions lead to the harbour of the bosom,
The gulf of two arms
That receive and know no farewells.
She wants airplanes to come back only.
Airports to be for those returning,
The planes to land and never leave again.


Peter said...

Di, if you were out on the terras at the Elfde gebod around 13h, I must have seen you - I looked towards the terrace after hearing a very pronounced US female voice, rather loud. Maybe your American friend ;-) Wish I had taken more time to have a closer look, but I was busy thinking about my Divers exams, which I just happen to pass tonight at Nemo33 (, a 33m/100f deep pool in Brussels). Take care ;)

woman wandering said...

Hi Peter, you know, since you started posting photos of your travels out around Antwerpen I've wondered how many times our paths must have crossed.

But congratulations on passing your diving test - that's great news and I can see why you might have been a little distracted and anyway, kiwi's are often quietly spoken ;)

A pity anyway, you would have been welcome to join us.