Friday, September 29, 2006

The other nice thing that occured in my 'delicious' 12 hour timeframe happened while the kettle was boiling this morning.

I was through here opening my email and I discovered that Michelle had written.

Simply put ... Michelle is marvellous. She is pregnant with her third child and busying herself with her PhD in New Zealand literature. She's a clever wee bunny, a gorgeous mix of academic and stunningly funny. I always (rightly or wrongly) attribute my colourful 'bloody buggary bollocks' exclaimation of extreme frustration to her.

Anyway, after almost making me fall out of my chair laughing with stories of her boys and their various wicked talents, I discovered she had finally emailed me her other thesis ... her Masters.

How nice it will be to lose myself in it ... 121 pages of 'compare and contrast'.

I miss that academic world. I loved studying and starting university at the age of 34, I found myself enjoying it in a way I probably wouldn't have back when I was 18.

I made incredible friends ... there was Abe, discovered in my political anthropology class and almost 80 years old way back then. Lizzie, with the face of an angel and the most startlingly naughty mind.

And professors ... I had some magnificent ones. I remember panicking at the end of a semester with Professor Ackerley, wondering how I would read and interpret Modernist novels without him, or being sad when Professor Holmes was lured home as his ground-breaking multi-sited ethnography on the European Union created huge ripples of interest back in the States.

So, although I complain about this immigrant life, and complain I occasionally must because it is such a departure from reality ... much as I complain, today I love that I can sit down and read until something or someone else comes along.

Let's see what the day brings ...

Tot ziens.


Manic said...

Di, if you want to earn my degree, you can always sign up. I would love to party all the time whilst you're studying my lessons. So, you gonna do it?

woman wandering said...

Lol, sure manic but there's the small matter of me wanting to earn money finally.

Anyway, it's the ability to party at a level where you still get good marks that YOU must work on :)

What are your subjects again? I might be interested in a little vicarious study.

Manic said...

It's English-Spanish, but you have all those other thingies who come along, like introduction to modern literature, philosophie, historical critique ( I prolly miswrote that), and many other things, which a nromal person would say: SIGH.

woman wandering said...

I love the sound of 'those other thingies who come along' - I studied modern literature and wished I'd studied philosophy ... email if you want any discussions :)

A normal person might sigh but I can only think YUM ... lol so very intellectual with my choice of word.

Manic said...

Well, not much discussion, mostly we try to keep up with what the profesor in front of the class says. Otherwise you don't got your notes, and that's annoying.

Yum is a word, I think, so basicly it's still good. Intellectual is way overrated, btw.