Saturday, September 16, 2006

Are we being blind, unbelieving and slow ... ?

"For surely the war was made to abolish Dachau and all the other places like Dachau and everything that Dachau stands for. We are not entirely guiltless, we the Allies, because it took us twelve years to open the gates of Dachau.

We were blind and unbelieving and slow, and that we can never be again."

Martha Gellhorn
American war correspondant during World War II
present at Dachau when the Nazis surrendered.


Anonymous said...

Here in the deep south of Australia, refusal to produce evidence on supena is refered to as contempt of court. Would seem to me that the Americans take the same dim view on this offence as the poms, Aussies, Kiwis and any other nation governed under the Westminister legal system. But how dare those evil americans. What were they thinking.
Mate I just love it when you get political.

woman wandering said...

About time you wrote in :) since you owe me more than a few emails.

I can imagine refusal by journalists to produce 'evidence' is a contempt of court in Australia ...

Did I say 'how dare'? The examples cited in the accompanying links merely point to a disturbing trend towards a curtailment of freedom of the press.

The press are needed to report the truth outside the boundaries of governmental lockdowns on information ... as evidenced by the persistence of those pursuing the secret torture camps in Europe.

Now, more than ever, we have a real need for freedom of the press and I'm sorry but citing John Howard's government and Bush's bullies as upstanding users of the Westminster legal system doesn't quite cut the mustard.

Meanwhile ... an email?